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Louis Rieger

strings / piano / jazz studies

As CEO of The High Street Music Company (HSMC), Louis A. Rieger is a multi-instrumentalist who shares the vision to revitalize the community and enrich the lives of its constituents. Rieger continues to develop relationships with the school district, outreach organizations and local businesses to achieve this objective. Rieger attended Rowan University for Music Education/Jazz Studies and possesses extensive knowledge of the music industry, ranging from performing in various venues from the east to west coast, producing and consulting artists, to years of educating and motivating others to find their passion for creativity.

"Imagine a world without music, dance or visual arts. The Arts represent all forms of communication and self-expression. Self-esteem is a positive consequence of self-expression. Besides the documented improvement in language and reasoning aptitude, the arts also enhance teamwork skills and discipline. We must protect the individual differences of our society and appreciate how the arts help define identity". 


Louis A. Rieger, CEO

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