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The High Street Music Company is excited to announce the open enrollment of the HSMC Drum/Percussion ensemble. This ensemble is the first of it’s kind at HSMC and offers members the opportunity to experience and perform music written solely for drums and various percussion instruments.


There is a focus on soloing, supporting soloists, musicality and overall teamwork. Socially, it’s an opportunity for the students to meet other drummers and percussionists and experience music unique to their instruments in an ensemble environment.


Ensemble members will be invited to participate by HSMC drum instructor Larry Marshall and will be based on similar skill levels and will consist of four (4) to six (6) members. If enrollment exceeds four to six members, a second ensemble will be added. Please call for more info 610.906.3357



Have you ever wanted to play in a band? 

HSMC’s YOUTH ROCK ENSEMBLE PROGRAM for ages 12 – 18 is perfect for any student who is looking to begin or continue their quest to perform contemporary popular music in their own band! Students will learn about different rock and contemporary styles, song forms, and artists while gaining an understanding of each player’s role. Each student will collaborate with their fellow band members by rehearsing and performing at our annual student recitals. Discover and explore professional rehearsal and live performance techniques to quickly learn songs and present them to an audience. Plus get hints on dynamics, creating a setlist, improvising, connecting with bass and drums, and locking into the groove.



  • Creating an environment for intermediate and advanced students to excel in a band situation. 

  • Improving the musicians' timing, dynamics, stage presence, improvisational skills, musical phrasing, and the importance of working towards a common goal within the group dynamic.

  • Working on popular songs from the modern rock and pop era, incorporating material in multiple styles from the 1950's to the present, along with possibly working on original compositions as presented by the band members. 


Our Rock Band program welcomes drummers, bassists, guitarists, keyboardists, and vocalists, as well as players of strings, horns, and woodwinds where applicable. As always, we welcome private lesson students from outside of HSMC to join our bands!

Minimum 1 year of individual instruction required, along with the necessary level of musical proficiency on their instrument to learn and play the material both individually and in the group.

*** Audition or teacher recommendation is required. ***

When: TBA 

Cost: $120 per student

(Six (6) weeks total)

If your student is interested in performance and would like to join the High Street Rock
Ensemble, please register at the front desk or call us at 610-906-3357.

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